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Shot on location in Los Angeles, this 4 minute film tells the story of two men.  One is tied up and the other, gun in hand, wants the money that's owed.  "It's a simple story filled with tension and dark humor", say Graydon.  "What makes it experimental for me is that it was shot entirely on an iPhone.  No crew, no budget.  Just two talented actors, a few assorted props and me.  I experimented with an app called 'Lens +' which gave us a blown out, over saturated look.  It's a very rough and grainy, very different from the look I usually go for.  For sound, I used the LiveAction Mic from Belkin.  It's designed for the iPhone and iTouch and attaches to the earphone jack."

"It was very liberating to work this way and I'd like to shoot a few more shorts like this to see if I can really hone the technology and create some interesting stuff."



Dir.: Rob Graydon